22334 model answer paper msbte mcq pdf download I scheme

22334 model answer paper msbte mcq pdf download I scheme

Hello Diploma students we have provided 22334 model answer paper of principles of electronic communication mcq. 22334 model answer paper is applicable to ENTC Branch of 2nd year in diploma engineering.

In this “msbte mcq question bank with answers” we have given 40 most likely Msbte Mcq questions of “principles of electronic communication mcq” with these msbte mcq test paper 2nd year diploma students can practice for their upcoming winter 2020 exam. and with these msbte mcq pdf we have also provided previous years “msbte mcq question bank with answers” and question bank of 22334 you can look into these “previous year msbte question papers” and mark the important questions.

with principles of electronic communication mcq you will get to know what exactly you have to write in the msbte final exams. And all though you will get answers solved by msbte board so the answers in msbte mcq pdf is 100% accurate. in msbte mcq question bank with answers you will also notice marks distribution which is a very good factor as a student you will exactly get to know how much exactly point you have to write to get the exact marks.

msbte mcq question bank with answers

22334 model answer paper msbte mcq pdf download I scheme
msbte mcq pdf download I scheme

22334 model answer paper principles of electronic communication mcq

1.state the need of modulation in the communication system?
(A) To reduce the height of antenna 
(B)To avoid mixing of signals
(C)To decrease the range of communication
(D)Both (a)&(b) Answer

2. List different methods of demodulation of FM signal.?
(A) Balanced Slope detection 
(B) Ratio detector
(C) Phase locked loop demodulator
(D)All of the above Answer

3. What is the functions of RF amplifier
(A) To increase the strength of weak RF signal
(B) To reject image frequency signal
(C) Remove all amplitude variation of FM carrier
(D) Both (a) & (b) Answer

4. What is the Modulation index of AM 
(A) always greater than 1 
(B) Less than or equal to 1 
(C) greater than 1 or equal to 1
(D) None of the above

5. State the types of AM w.r.t. frequency spectrum
(A)Double side-band Full Carrier System(DSB-FC) 
(B) Double side-band Suppressed Carrier System (DSB-SC)
(C)Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier System(SSB-SC)
(D) All of the above Answer

6. What are the sources of noise in communication systems ?
(A) Atmospheric Noise
(B) Industrial Noise 
(C) Extraterrestrial Noise
(D) All of the above Answer

7. Duplex is a type of communication?
(A) one way communication
(B) two way communication Answer
(C) Both (a) & (b)
(D) None of the above

8. Advantages of folded dipole: 
(A) Higher input impedance 
(B) Greater bandwidth  
(C) Both (a) & (b) Answer
(D) None of the above

State whether the following statements are true or false

9. fm = modulating frequency
(A)True Answer

10. Duct propagation is the special type of phenomenon which is also called as “super refraction”.
(A) True Answer
(B) False

                                            msbte mcq question bank with answers

11. The system which is bidirectional, that is they can transmit as well 
receive information but one at a time is known as simplex system?
(A) True
(B) False Answer
The system in which the information is communicated only in one direction, 
called a simplex system e.g. TV broadcasting or radio.

12. Simple AGC is a system by means of which the overall gain of a radio receiver is varied, automatically 
with the changing strength of the receiver signal to keep the output substantially constant. 
(A) True Answer
(B) False

13. If m < 1 or if the percentage of modulation is less than 100% then this type 
of modulation is known as under modulation .
(A) True Answer
(B) False

14. If m = 1 or percentage of modulation is 100 this type modulation is Over modulation
(A) True
(B) False Answer

15. AGC- Automatic gain control controls the gain of RF and IF amplifiers to maintain a constant 
output level at the speaker even though the signal strength at the antenna varies.
(A) True Answer
(B) False

16. In delayed AGC There is no reduction in gain for weak signals?
(A) True Answer
(B) False

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17. Simple AGC is used in high quality receivers like communication receivers?
(A) True
(B) False Answer
Simple AGC  is used in domestic radio receivers

18.Select the frequency of the given questions
Voice frequency?
(A) 500 Hz to 4400 Hz
(B) 300 Hz to 3400 Hz  Answer
(C) 400 Hz to 3800 Hz
(D) 200 Hz to 2600 Hz

19. IR frequency
(A) 300 GHz -430THz Answer
(B) 400 GHz -560THz
(C) 200 Hz to 2800 Hz
(D) 100 Hz to 1600 Hz

20. Visible frequency:
(A) 430 THz -790 THz Answer
(B) 330 THz -590 THz
(C) 530 THz -990 THz
(D) 630 THz -1190 THz

21. Carson's Rule for FM bandwidth
(A) B.W. = 3(Δf+fm) 
(B) IB.W. = 4(Δf+fm) 
(C) B.W. = 2(Δf+fm) Answer
(D) B.W. = 5(Δf+fm) 

22. What is the IF value of FM radio recevier.
(A) 7 Mhz
(B) 10.7 Mhz Answer
(C) 14.7 Mhz
(D) 19.7 Mhz

23. Maximum deviation of Narrow band FM is?
(A)  9 KHz
(B)  7 KHz
(C)  5 KHz Answer
(D)  3 KHz

24. What is the frequency range of Infrared ?
(A)  1 THz to 10 THz
(B)  3 THz to 30 THz Answer
(C)  4 THz to 40 THz 
(D)  5 THz to 50 THz

25. Maximum deviation of Wide band FM is?
(A)  59 KHz
(B)  75 KHz Answer
(C)  95 KHz 
(D)  35 KHz

26. What is the Narrow band FM Range of modulating frequency?
(A) 20 Hz to 2KHz
(B) 40 Hz to 4KHz
(C) 30 Hz to 3KHz  Answer
(D) 50 Hz to 5KHz

27. What is the Wide band FM Range of modulating frequency?
(A) 30 Hz to 15KHz Answer
(B) 40 Hz to 20KHz 
(C) 50 Hz to 25KHz 
(D) 60 Hz to 30KHz 

Find out type of propagation for following applications

28. AM radio broadcasting
(A) Ground Wave Propagation Answer
(B) Space Wave Propagation
(C) line of sight
(D) None of the above

29. Microwave links:-
(A) Ground Wave Propagation
(B) Space Wave Propagation
(C) line of sight
(D) Both (b) & (c) Answer

Write the application of the following antennas

30.Rectangular antenna 
i)Used in Mobile and satellite communication 
ii) Used for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) 
iii) Used in wireless WAN/LAN links for data communications
iv) Both (a) & (b)

31. Dish Antenna 
(A) Radar system 
(B) Used in microwave relay links that carry telephone and television signals between nearby cities 
(C) Used in radio telescopes. 
(D) Both (b) & (c)  Answer

32. Horn Antenna
(A) In portable receivers
(B) Used at microwave frequency Answer
(C) For direction finding
(D) In navigation
33. Loop Antenna 
(A) Used in satellite tracking.
(B) In navigation Answer
(C) In portable receivers 
(D) Both (b) & (c)

34. Yagi-Uda antenna 
(A) Yagi-Uda antenna is used in HF and VHF range as a TV receiving antenna
(B) Yagi-Uda antenna is used in the conditional Access System (CAS) at the decryptor. 
(C) In portable receivers 
(D) Both (a) & (b) Answer

Block Diagram Questions

35. Arrange the block in the correct format of PLL based FM detector.
(A) Fm Signal - Low pass filter - Phase detector -Error amplifier - VCO
(B) Fm Signal - Phase detector - Low pass filter -Error amplifier - VCO Answer
(C) Low pass filter - Fm Signal - Phase detector - Error amplifier - VCO
(D) Low pass filter - Fm Signal - Phase detector - VCO - Error amplifier

36. Which blocks come in between the RF amplifier and IF amplifier in the block diagram of FM receiver?

(A) Mixer Answer
(B) FM Demodulator
(C) Af voltage amplifier
(D) Local oscillator

Arrange the block order in correct form 
37. block diagram of basic electronic communication system 
(A) Information source - communication channel - Transmitter -- Noise - Receiver - Destination.

(B) Information source - Transmitter - communication channel - Noise - Receiver - Destination. Answer

(C) Information source - Transmitter - Noise - communication channel - Receiver - Destination.

(D) Information source - communication channel -Transmitter- Noise - Receiver - Destination.


38. Virtual height:-The incident and refracted rays follow paths that are exactly the same as they 
have been if reflection had taken place from a surface located at a greater height, called Virtual height of this layer

39. Actual height:-The actual height of the wave in the ionized layer is a curve and is due to refraction of waves. 
The height from this curve to earth surface is called actual height.

40. Signal to Noise ratio: The ratio of the strength of an electrical or other signal carrying information to that 
of unwanted interference is called the signal to noise ratio.

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