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CAIIB Central Banking Questions and Answer Pdf 2022

Hello Welcome in this article we have Provided CAIIB Central Banking Questions and Answer Pdf 2022. If you are preparing for CAIIB Central Banking Exam 2022, Then you have landed at the Right Place Msbte News brings you the Best Central Banking Question Paper Mock Test Series.

Practice For Your Upcoming CAIIB 2022 Exams With CAIIB Central Banking Online Test Series and boost your confidence. Learn and practice with us at Mock Test Book and improve your score.

In the Below Given Central Banking Caiib Notes We Have Selected 30 Important Questions from CAIIB BFM Previous Year Question Papers. By referring Below Given Central Banking Mcq Aspiring CAIIB Students who are Preparing for IIBF 2022 Exams can Practice for their Upcoming Exams.

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CAIIB Central Banking Questions and Answer Pdf 2022

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Central Banking

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1) Name the bill by which the government of India collects the revenue for a year ......

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2) How is the national income determined?

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3) The first estimate of national income in India was made by ......

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4) An ad valorem duty is a tax on the basis of ......

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5) The system of the budget was introduced in india during the viceroyalty of ......

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6) Fiscal policy refers to the

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7) During which Viceroyalty of India, the budget system was introduced?

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8) Fiscal responsibility and Budget Management Act concerns ......

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9) Which one of the following forms the largest share of the deficit of the Government of India Budget?

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10) Estimation of national income is through ......

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11) Which among the following is incorrect?

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12) Which is the instrument used by the RBI under general credit control?

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13) RBI will be monitoring banks on issues pertaining to customer rights in which areas?

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14) RBI has issued norms for branch offices by foreign entities from which of the following countries? (i) Pakistan, (ii) China, (iii) Bangladesh

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15) RBI has released the on tap universal banking license excluding which group as eligible entities from the purview?

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16) RBI has made amendments to the treatment of certain balance sheet items of banks for what purpose? (i) Boosting their regulatory capital, (ii) Aligning with the Internationally adopted Basel III capital standards

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17) The national income of India is calculated mainly through ......

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18) Which are the most disinvestments started in public enterprises?

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19) The Reserve Bank of India will transfer its surplus profit of 65,896 crore rupees to the Centre. This amount is ...... percent higher than previous year

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20) What is the most powerful tool used by the Reserve Bank of India to control inflation?

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21) Which one of the following is the most important item of non plan expenditure?

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22) Which of the following is correct regarding the gross domestic savings in India?

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23) The per capita income has been low in India because ......

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24) RBI will purchase back indexed bonds maturing in which year?

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25) Which of the following statements is/are correct about Deputy Governor of RBI? (i) The tenure of Deputy Governor is five years or till the age of 62, whichever is earlier, (ii) RBI has provision for three deputy governors

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26) On which date was the Reserve Bank of India established?

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27) Which of the following represent the standard of living in a country?

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28) ...... is the best measurement of economy growth of a country

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29) According to the multiplier model, the best way to reduce inflation is to ......

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30) If the economy goes into a recession, automatic stabilizers will do all of the following except ......

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This is the end of CAIIB Central Banking Online Test Series Below we have provided CAIIBCentral Banking Mcq Pdf Link feel Free to Download and Learn.

CAIIB Central Banking Questions and Answer Pdf (Download)

Information about CAIIB Central Banking Online Test Series

Candidates should have completed JAIIB before appearing for IIBF CAIIB Exam.

CAIIB Exams Consists of 2 compulsory papers and One Elective paper :

Central Banking Question Paper Compulsory

1. Advanced Bank Management
2. Bank Financial Management

Elective Papers

1. Rural Banking
2. Retail Banking
3. Human Resources Management
4. Information Technology
5. Risk Management
6. Central Banking

CAIIB Exam Fees 2022

First attempt fee – 3,000*
Second attempt fee – 1,300*
Third attempt fee – 1,300*
Fourth attempt fee – 1,300*

CAIIB Central Banking Online Test Series

1. What is Minimum marks for passing JAIIB, CAIIB and Diploma in Banking & Finance Exam?

Minimum passing marks for JAIIB, CAIIB and Diploma in Banking & Finance Exams is 50 out of 100 marks in each subject or at least 45 marks in each subject with a total of 150 marks in all subjects put together in any single attempt.

2. Is there any Negative Marketing in IIBF Exams?

There are no negative marks for wrong answers.

3. Who Can Give JAIIB / CAIIB Exams?

JAIIB and CAIIB exams are not mandatory certifications. But they are useful to Bank employees in Career Growth, Promotion and Salary Increment.

4. Total Number of Questions asked in CAIIB Exams?

Total No of Questions – 100 MCQs including 40 case studies (Approx). and Exam Duration will be 2 Hours.

5. What is Exam Timetable of Caiib Elective Exams 2022?

IIBF CAIIB Exam Date 2022 For Elective Exams (Central Banking, Hotel Resource Management, Information Technology, Reatail Banking, Risk Management, Rural Banking) is 9th July 2022.

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