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Msbte backlog exam latest Update 2020


Mumbai university has announced Msbte backlog exam latest Update. for students who have not attended online MCQ exam of msbte exam. The Msbte backlog exam will be conducted in respected institute in which the student is already being Admitted

Msbte backlog exam latest Update Instructions

The above reference no. To all the institutions, students and parents regarding the planning of the examination of the diploma course and the academic schedule affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education 01 circular was informed. Issue No. 1 in the circular of reference no. As per 04, except for the final year students, the result of the regular students’ summer examination 2020 will be on. It has been announced on 14.07.2020 and issue no.

Summer Examination 2020 for backlog subjects of students enrolled in 2nd, 3rd year as well as carryforward scheme (e.g. backlog subjects for first and second semesters of third semester students and fourth, third, second and first semester backlog subjects for students entering fifth semester) academic year 2020- It was informed that the odd supplement of 21 will be taken up at the institution level before the end, and also the reference letter no.

Also the reference letter no. PSUs were informed about the circular of 02. Also, the Board has taken the examination of the students of Infinite Session / Year and their Backlog subjects and the result of these students has been announced on 03.11.2020. Now, in the final year, the examination of the bilingual subjects for the seventeen years in the table mentioned below is being conducted at the institute level. Being done.

Msbte backlog exam latest Update
Msbte backlog exam latest Update

Msbte backlog exam latest Update

1. Indirect schedule of students’ backlog subjects except final session / year S.No. 01. Exam Institute Level Non Theory and Theory Examination. Duration 23.11.2020 To 05.12.2020, During the above mentioned period, the institute should plan to conduct the practical examination before the Theory examination.

2. All the students except Akhil Bharatiya Tantrashikshan Parishad accredited (Engineering and Pharmaceutical) as well as the final semester of the government accredited short term course should take the practical examination of the backlog subject orally at the institute level using the online system. For this, practical examination should be conducted using various meeting applications. If it is not possible, the practical examination should be conducted by telephone at the institution level. Even after all the above efforts, if it is not possible to take the practical examination of the students, the marks of such subjects should be given on the basis of sessions, journals, and continuous main measurement.

3. All the institutes have been declared as examination centers so that the written examination at the institute level can be conducted through the institute where the students are admitted.

4, Akhil Bharatiya Tantra Shikshan Parishad Accredited (Engineering and Pharmaceutical) course as well as Government approved short term course, the final semester / year of the rest of the students will be taken online from the institution using Multiple Choice Question (MCQ). Students can give this exam using their Smart Mobile Phone / Laptop / Tablet Desktop etc. from where they are currently living. In this exam, students are required to solve biological questions out of 40. Each question will be of 01 mark and the duration of this exam will be 01 hour, these 40 questions will be based on the entire syllabus.

5. Subjects which cannot be examined from MCQ due to the inclusion of Drawing in the syllabus should be examined online at the institute level through presentation based on the syllabus. The examiners will evaluate on the basis of this presentation as well as oral questions and answers.

 6. The institute should make the students aware by preparing the schedule of practical and written examinations of backlog subjects.

7. Students who have access to the internet, computer, mobile etc. for online written tests. Online examinations should be made available as a last resource for students who do not have or will not be able to avail the facilities. 

8. Students who come to the institute in exceptional circumstances and give the exam should strictly follow all the guidelines of the Center and the State Government regarding Covid-19.

9. As per the rules, more time will be given for disabled students for examinations and facilities should be provided to such students through institutions. 

10. As the format of Summer Examination 2020 to be conducted at the institution level is online, the facility of Photocopy / Verification and Reassessment will not be provided for Summer Examination 2020 as per RG11K in the examination rules.

Detailed procedures and guidelines for this Msbte backlog exam latest Update will be given to the institutes separately. The principals of the institute should inform the students and their parents about the above matters and from time to time resolve the doubts of the students and parents and take necessary action as per the above restrictions.

This is the end of Msbte backlog exam latest Update. If you have any doubt related to msbte backlog exam you can comment down below we will definately look into it and try to resolve your queries.

when will Msbte backlog exam 2020 will be held?

Answer:- The Msbte backlog exam will take place from 23.11.2020 To 05.12.2020 in your respective institute.

Check Msbte resut for final year semester Msbte result summer 2020

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