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Things students should know about Msbte Summer 2021 Exams

Msbte has recently passed a circular regarding msbte exam summer 2021. Msbte has clearly mentioned that Msbte summer 2021 exams will be held in online Mcq Mode, But here are the points every students must know about before appearing into msbte 2021 summer exam.

Everything about Msbte Summer 2021 Exams

Academic timetable for the academic year 2020-21 for all the institutes affiliated to Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education. It was announced through a letter dated 01. Also reference letter no. Circular No. 02 informed about the changes made in the academic session in the same session, second component test and summer examination in the period of 2021. Summary Examination 2021 Outline and Procedure After a detailed discussion in the meeting held on 12.05.2021, with the recommendation and approval of the Scholarship Committee, all the institutions, students and parents affiliated to the Board are being informed for information and action.

1. All India Technical Council Education (Engineering and Pharmaceutical) as well as Government Accredited Short Term Courses (Non-AICTE) for all semester / year students should be tested orally at the institute using the online system. For this, practical examinations should be conducted using various meeting applications. If it is not possible, the practical examination should be conducted by telephone at the institution level. If it is not possible to take the practical examination of the students even after all the above efforts, the marks should be given to such students on the basis of sessions, journals, and continuous evaluation.

Msbte Manual All Branches (Click Here)

2. Written examination of students of all sessions / years in the All India Council of Technical Education recognized (Engineering and Pharmaceutical) courses will be conducted online at the board level using Multiple Choice Question (MCQ). Students can appear for this exam using Smart Mobile Phone / Laptop / Tablet / Desktop etc. from where they are currently living. Students are required to solve 35 out of 40 questions in the exam. Students will be given a slot of 02 1/3 hours for this exam. In that slot, students will be given a period of 01 hour after logging in for the exam. Online Proctoring (Monitoring) will be done by the supervisors authorized by the Board to ensure that no malpractice is followed during the examination period after the student starts the Exam.

msbte exam date summer 2021

msbte summer 2021 exams
msbte exam summer 2021

Detailed instructions regarding online written examination, detailed instructions regarding Online Proctoring (Monitoring) and detailed instructions regarding the working of the examination will be given to the students, institutes and divisional offices through separate circulars.

3. As Drawing is included in the syllabus of the subjects mentioned in the table below, it is not possible to take the examination of these subjects using MCQ. The examination of these subjects should be conducted online at the institute level through presentation based on the syllabus / syllabus. The examiners will evaluate on the basis of this presentation as well as oral questions and answers.Shortcode

Sr.NoDrawing Paper codePaper Name
112634Architectural Design ||
217309Building Drawing
317647Chemical Engineering Drawing
417923Engineering Drawing
517940Mechanical Engineering Drawing
617946Building Drawing
719303Perspective & Sciography
819601Architectural Design
922207Engineering Drawing
1022341Mechanical Working Drawing
1122405Building Planning and Drawing
1222608Chemical Engineering Drawing

Note: Examination of Drawing subjects mentioned above will be held at institute level between 22nd June to 03rd July 2021.

Msbte summer 2021 exam mode

4. Written examination of regular students and backlog students of all semesters / years in Government Aided Short Course (Non AICTE) should be conducted using Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) online at institution level. The institute should prepare a schedule in this regard and inform and guide the students. Detailed guidelines regarding examinations at the institute level will be given to the institutes separately.

5. Students who have access to the internet, computer, mobile etc. for online written tests. As a last resort for students who do not have or will not be able to avail the facility, an online examination facility will be made available at the nearest technical college. The entire responsibility for planning for this will rest with the respective institution to which the student is admitted.

6. Students who come to the institute in exceptional circumstances and take the exam should strictly follow all the guidelines of the Central and State Government regarding Covid 19.

7. As per the rules, more time will be given for disabled students for examinations and facilities should be provided to such students through institutions.

8. As the format of Summer Examination 2021 to be conducted at Board level as well as Institution level is online, the facility of Photocopy / Verification and Reassessment will not be provided for Summer Examination 2021 as per RGIIK in Examination Rules.

9. The main schedule of the examination is given below.

Msbte diploma summer 2021 exam date

A. AICTE Approved Engineering Diploma courses and Pharmacy Courses.

1Conduction of Practical / Oral Examination22 June – 03 July 2021
2Conduction of Theory Examinations of all Regular &
Backlog subject students at MSBTE level.
13 July – 03 August 2021
msbte exam date summer 2021

B. State Government approved short term courses (Non-AICTE)

1Conduction of Practical / Oral Examination22 June – 03 July 2021
2Conduction of Theory Examinations of all Regular &
Backlog subject students at MSBTE level.
13 July – 24 July 2021

10. All the heads of the institutes are advised to take care that no malpractice will take place during the examination. In case of misconduct during the examination, action will be taken as per the provisions of RG12 in the Board’s examination regulations. Students, faculty and other staff at your institution should be made aware of this.

11. As per the Board’s examination regulations, all the records related to the Summer 2021 examination should be maintained by the institute at their level.

12. The principal of the institute should inform all the above matters to the students and their parents for the summer examination 2021 of all the semester / year students. Also guide the students about the exams. Necessary action should be taken to ensure that the examination is passed smoothly and within the prescribed time. It should be noted that the responsibility of conducting the examination smoothly rests with the principals of the entire organization.

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