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Msbte Summer 2022 Exam Online or Offline?

As the Msbte Summer 2022 Examinations are near Most of Diploma and Pharmacy Students are Confuse Whether msbte summer 2022 exam online or offline? In the General Meeting of Msbte held on 29/03/2022 the Academic Committee has Decided to Conduct Msbte Diploma and Pharmacy Summer 2022 Examination in Offline Mode.

Below We Have Given msbte summer 2022 exam update in Details, As Msbte Has Announced Summer 22 Exam Will be Conducted in Offline So we Have Prepared a Set of Free Msbte Important Questions and Answer for Practice Purpose.

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msbte summer 2022 exam online or offline

Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education for all courses affiliated to the Summer Examination 2022 outline and procedures of the Board of Scholars dt. In the meeting held on 29/03/2022, detailed discussions were held and with the recommendation and approval of the Academic Committee, the salient points regarding the Msbte Summer 2022 Online Examination were given to all the institutes, students and their parents for the following information. Reporting

1) Summer for all session / year students of All India Technical Education Council recognized as well as Pharmacology course – Practical Examination and Written Examination from 2022. The guidelines will be followed.

2) For the benefit of students only Summer – 2022 Exams will be given an additional 10 minutes for each hour duration of the written test only prescribed as per Teaching Examination Scheme. E.g. According to the Teaching Examination Scheme, 3 hours extra time will be given for the written exam which has been fixed for 3 hours.

3) The Board has approved the academic schedule for the academic year 2021-22 for the All India Council of Technical Education recognized Diploma in Engineering and Pharmacology. Announced on 21/01/2022. Accordingly, the second component test will end on 27.05.2022. Accordingly, the schedule of msbte summer exam 2022 online Practical and Written Examination is being announced as follows.

4) Circulars or orders issued by the Board for conducting written examinations conducted online in accordance with the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) in the exceptional circumstances arising out of the outbreak of Covid-19 will not be applicable from the summer examination 2022. All the provisions in the Examination Regulations (2018-2019) for this examination as well as for the next examination, the guidelines given as per SOS as well as Manual for conduct of Examination, Assessment Process & Post Result Activities will be applicable.

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FAQ On Msbte Summer 2022 Exam Update

1. What is Msbte Summer 2022 Exam Date Diploma and Pharmacy?

Answer: Msbte Summer 2022 Diploma and Pharmacy Theory Exams Will Start From 8th June to 28th June.

2. When is Msbte Summer 2022 Practical Exams Date?

Answer: Msbte Summer 2022 Practical Exams Will Start From 28th May to 6 June.

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