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Polytechnic Electrical Engineering Syllabus 3rd Year


Welcome to Msbtenews in this article we have provided the Polytechnic Electrical Engineering Syllabus for 3rd Year. Along with this we have provided the subject name and subject code of the particular semester, mcq question set, previous year sample paper, lab manuals, important question sets, practice set for the students to prepare the best for the upcoming examination and by practice to add on the good percentage.

Msbte Syllabus Electrical Engineering 1st Year

Polytechnic Electrical Engineering Syllabus 5th Semester

The below provided Polytechnic Electrical Engineering Syllabus is ideal for students who are studying in 3rd year of Diploma in Electrical Engineering.

5th Semester Syllabus Electrical Engineering I schemeAbbreviationSubject CodeTheory (ESE)Theory (PA)Practical (ESE)Practical (PA)Total
Industrial AC MachinesIAM2252370302525150
Switchgear and Protection SAP2252470302525150
Energy Conservation and AuditECA2252570302525150
Elective (Any One)
Elements of Industrial AutomationEIA22526703025 25
Power Electronics ApplicationPEA22527703025 25
Wind Power TechnologiesWPT22528703025 25 150
Power System AnalysisPSA2252970302525150
Illumination and Electrification of BuildingsIEB2253070302525150
Entrepreneurship DevelopmentEDE22032------5050100
Industrial TrainingITR22057------7575150
Capstone Project PlanningCPP22058------252550
Subject NameSubject CodeMsbte Syllabus Download
Msbte Industrial AC Machines Syllabus pdf22523 Download
Msbte Switchgear and Protection Syllabus pdf 22524 Download
Msbte Energy Conservation and Audit Syllabus Pdf  22525 Download
Elective -| (Any One) Subjects For Electrical Engineering
Msbte Elements of Industrial Automation Syllabus pdf (Elective) 22526 Download
Msbte Power Electronic Applications Syllabus Pdf (Elective) 22527 Download
Msbte Wind Power Technologies Syllabus Pdf (Elective) 22528 Download
Msbte Power System Analysis Syllabus Pdf (Elective) 22529 Download
Msbte Illumination and Electrification of Buildings Syllabus Pdf (Elective) 22530 Download
Msbte Syllabus I Scheme Electrical 5th Semester

Msbte Syllabus I Scheme Electrical 6th Semester

This Msbte Syllabus I Scheme Electrical Is Ideal For Students who are in 6th Semester of Diploma in Electrical Engineering If you Want to View Full Syllabus Pdf you can view it by downloading pdf from Below Given Link.

6th Semester Syllabus Electrical I schemeAbbreviationSubject CodeTheory (ESE)Theory (PA)Practical (ESE)Practical (PA)Total
Maintenance of Electric Equipment MEE2262570302525150
Utilization of Electrical Energy UEE2262670302525150
Electrical Estimation and Contracting EEC2262770302525150
Emerging Trends in Electrical EngineeringETE226287030------100
Elective -|| (Any One)
Industrial Drives and Control (EE/EU)IDC22629703025 25 150
Power System Operation and Control (EP)PSO2263270302525150
Electric Substation Practices (EE/EP/EU)ESP2263370302525150
Capstone Project Execution & Report WritingCPE22060------5050100
Subject NameSubject CodeMsbte Syllabus Download
Msbte Maintenance of Electric Equipment Syllabus pdf22625 Download
Msbte Utilization of Electrical Energy Syllabus pdf 22626 Download
Msbte Electrical Estimation and Contracting Syllabus Pdf  22627 Download
Msbte Emerging Trends in Electrical Engineering Syllabus Pdf  22628 Download
Elective -|| (Any One) Subjects For Electrical Engineering
Msbte Industrial Drives and Control (EE/EU) Syllabus pdf (Elective) 22629 Download
Msbte Power System Operation and Control (EP) Pdf (Elective) 22632 Download
Msbte Electric Substation Practices (EE/EP/EU) Syllabus Pdf (Elective) 22633 Download
Msbte Capstone Project Execution & Report Writing Pdf (Elective) 22060 Download
Msbte Syllabus I Scheme Electrical 6th Semester

Diploma in electrical engineering is a three-year diploma course. The eligibility is 10th for the course. Admissions are based on both merit and entrance. Jobs for diploma in electrical engineering Chief Engineer post, Operations Manager post, Project Manager post, Engineering Technologist post etc. 

The graduates can also pursue other Higher Degree Programs. The duration of the course is 3 years and the examination type is semester. The candidate is eligible after 10th. The course consists of 6 semesters and the exam pattern these days is in the Mcq format due to situation right now and other obvious reasons. Msbte Diploma Exams are held twice a year i.e summer and winter exams.

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